Marseille et les Calanques

Marseille, the metropolis of the Southern part of France, is definitely ahead of the competition : mediterranean sea, sun, culture and warmheated inhabitants having a first-rate reputation.

From the odl harbor to the Calanques, passing by the so-called "Bonne Mère" (Basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde), which is the town's landmark and likewise its patroness, Marseille is a very diverse place, especially regarding landscapes.


As far as the eye can reach, everything around the city is green and natural. You can even tell from the architecture, the culture and people in general, that Marseille is a diverse town having a long history.


The new built "parc national des calanques" is a mosaic of remarkable landscapes that are home to species that have adapted to the dry and arid climate. The climate and geological history of this coastal range gave rise to this incredibly landscape.


As we live in Marseille and walk every week-end in the region, we are able to propose you any kind of nature trip ! Made to measure trip take all his sense !


As local experts, we will advise you in finding the good trails for your customers with the good english or german speaking nature guide.

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